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About the Medical Cannabis Council


The Council is Australia's peak national industry association representing cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, ancillary organisations, education and advocacy groups, researchers and more.


We are the respected voice of this burgeoning industry, with Members comprised of leading businesses and organisations ranging from large multinationals to Australian start-ups.


The Medical Cannabis Council is managed by a team of business professionals with experience in industry, government, and non-profit organisations, with a Board and an advisory group representing the breadth of the industry.



The objectives of the Council are to:


  1. create a unifying voice for the medical cannabis industry in Australia;

  2. foster national and international coordination and cooperation to promote the research, production, access and use of medical cannabis products;

  3. promote and support a high quality of medical cannabis research in Australia;

  4. advocate to support and accelerate Australia’s capability to produce, manufacture and export medical cannabis products;

  5. advocate for improved patient access to affordable and high quality medical cannabis products;

  6. provide relief and support for patients seeking access to medical cannabis, including information and practical assistance;

  7. support increased public awareness of medical cannabis through education;

  8. provide networking opportunities for members; and

  9. foster best practice and standards for producing, supplying and distributing medical cannabis products.​


The Council and all its Members adhere to five key underpinning principles:​