MCC & MCIA Collaboration

MCIA and MCC are pleased to announce that they have entered a collaboration arrangement to create a unified voice for the Australian medicinal cannabis industry.

The Australian medicinal cannabis industry has an important role to play in improving health outcomes for Australian patients. Australia is well placed to lead the world with quality medicinal cannabis, deliver next generation patient well-being, and develop a new export industry.

It is the view of both organisations that the industry will be best served by having a shared vision and speaking with one voice. MCIA and MCC agree that this collaboration is in the best interests of the Australian medicinal cannabis industry, and ultimately, Australian patients.

MCIA and MCC believe that this collaboration will enable the sector to more effectively shape and build an industry that enhances wellbeing and which is built on sound science and is underpinned by industry processes that deliver confidence. While still in a formative stage, the Australian medicinal cannabis industry is expected to see some major developments over the next couple of years with the licensed sector having significant production and manufacturing capacity coming online that will see patients being able to access Australian quality product in a timely and affordable manner, increased information available for doctors and patients, and growth of export activities.

The industry continues to face domestic and global challenges, most recently disruption resulting from COVID- 19. MCIA and MCC believe this collaboration is timely and will best position the industry to address challenges and maximise opportunities.

This collaboration of MCIA and MCC will deliver benefits for members, the industry and, most importantly, patients. This will be delivered through a stronger and more representative voice, better use of member resources, enhanced services across advocacy, education, industry standards/processes and networking, and wider recognition across Government and the community.

This collaboration is possible because of the strong alignment between the two organisations in terms of our vision, purpose and activities. It builds on the complementary strengths of our two organisations while respecting and retaining the presence, membership, and unique strengths of each.

MCIA and MCC will coinvest in projects that deliver beneficial outcomes for the sector, with an early initiative for the collaboration arrangement being a concept plan for a Patient/Doctor Special Interest Group. The collaboration arrangements will also include MCC members joining MCIA Working Groups and other activities. Ms Carol Ireland will join the MCIA Board, representing consumer and MCC member interests.

This collaboration will be reviewed over coming months to identify further opportunities.