Industry Membership 

Industry Membership 

The Medical Cannabis Council was created to facilitate the growth of the medical cannabis industry in Australia.


The Medical Cannabis Council is comprised of organisations and individuals from across the supply chain. This includes  cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, educators, laboratories, suppliers and advocacy, community, legal, nurse, pharmacy, patient and research groups. ​​​

As a truly representative body, every Australian medical cannabis organisation is automatically eligible to become a Member, with different available levels of membership offering a range of unique and valuable benefits, including:​

Have a Direct Say

in the governance of the organisation.


when communicating with government stakeholders

Networking Events 

with other professionals in the Medical Cannabis Industry



for your organisation


A copy of our
annual report


to online news updates, resources & educational resource platform

Keep Updated

Regular email updates
on the industry

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Medical Cannabis Council, please complete our membership application.