MGC Pharmaceuticals

MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (MGC) is an Australian Company publicly listed on the ASX (ASX:MXC), founded in early 2015 by leading medical cannabis industry executives. The goal was to establish a global Bio-Pharma company, based on phytocannabinoid medicine utilising intellectual property, expertise and network, with a focus on the pharma and the medical cannabis markets of Europe, Australasia and North America. MGC operates globally with an agenda of adding value to the entire product chain, from cultivation and breeding unique strains to developing medical delivery systems up to final natural medicines.


 There are four operational branches to MGC:

  1. MGC Pharma – Production of medicines and API

  2. MGC Innovation – Medical and Nutraceuticals R&D

  3. MGC Botanic – Breeding and Cultivation

  4. MGC Derma – Cosmetics and Dermatological

A key objective of MGC is to use its exclusive knowhow and IP to become industry leaders in various areas: Botanical, medical and cosmetics; and by being engaged in the entire product chain from genetics to harvesting through conversion into high value medical / industrial products, supplying to worldwide Markets. In this way, MGC is able to maintain a secure and reliable product supply route. The MGC executive team holds over 20 years of combined experience in cultivation, processing and treatment of patients.