A full-service public relations and government affairs company.


Wells Haslem Mayhew Strategic Public Affairs has a remarkable heritage, with a team combining decades of experience in public affairs, government relations, issues management, journalism, media training, digital media, social media, politics and foreign affairs.


They are not just another PR company. Wells Haslem Mayhew act quickly to add value to your project.


Their team is made up of people from the highest levels of politics and journalism, including a former press secretary to John Howard, a former President of the Australian Senate, and The Australian Newspaper’s former High Court correspondent. Wells Haslem Mayhew are committed to delivering an exceptional level of service and this experience combined with their outlook means they add value to everything they do. They combine this with their team’s social media skills to offer comprehensive communications services.


Throughout their careers, Wells Haslem Mayhew team members have worked alongside clients from a broad range of industries with many services, including:​​​

Wells Haslem Mayhew

  • Marketing of products and services

  • Educating and motivating public opinion

  • Managing issues and crises

  • Talking to governments

  • Fighting and winning campaigns

  • Building profiles and restoring images​

  • Engendering and accelerating change

  • Facilitating mergers and resisting takeovers

  • Producing media and digital materials

  • Media training

  • Staging events and promotions